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    We were cuddling in the couch, watching one of those Saturday night anime she loved to watch. I didn't really care about the shows, though there was a time when I used to love reading manga, but the plot became too exaggerated and dramatic for my taste. However, she loved to watch them and I loved spending time with her. 

    Commercials came on, she took my hand in hers and kissed it. I sighed and smiled really wide, and brought her hand to my lips to kiss it as well.

    "When was the last time we went on a vacation together?" I asked her.

    "Hmm, I honestly don't know, hon," she said after a moment of thought. 

    "Would you like to go on one?" I asked, trying to discreetly ask her. Although I never really knew why I kept doing that since most of the time she was clueless about my obvious hints. She shrugged.

    "I'm fine just where we are, hon," she said as her arm tighten a bit around my shoulder. 

    I mentally sighed and rolled my eyes. It seemed I had to do everything myself. I sat up, kneeled on top of her and put my hands around her neck. 

    "Would you like to take a vacation with me, my love?" I said sweetly. She smiled and my heart melted. 

    "Sure," she said. I smiled brightly before I leaned down to kiss her. 

    "Are you sure that's what you want, Made?" Cristobal asked. 

    I looked at him in the eye through the computer screen. 

    "I..." I swallowed. If of one thing I was absolutely sure was that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Hope, and I was pretty sure she felt the same way about me, but despite the streghth of my feelings it was still hard to admit it to anyone else, I could hardly admit them to myself. It was not because I wasn't sure they were real, for I've never felt anything more real in my life, but I was scared of being wrong, that someday I'd do something so stupid she'd stop loving me, or that I'd change too much she wouldn't love me anymore. "I've never been so sure of anything in my life," I said. "When I'm with her I feel like nothing's missing. Everything feels so real, and when we kiss..." I sighed. My head started filling up with all those amazing moments we shared together, and my eyes started watering a bit. "When we make love..." my voice broke a bit. "I lose myself in her," I cleared my throat. "I feel that I could give her everything I have, everything I own, everything I am, my heart, my body, my soul, I could tell her I love her everyday countless times and it still feels it's not enough to show her how big my love for her is," I took a pause. "I love her, Cristobal. And I want to spend all my life and all the next ones I have to live with her," 

    "Wow!" he took a brief pause too. "You really are crazy about her," he chuckled. I smiled and followed suit.

    "I am," I sighed. 

    There was a silence afterwards.

    "You do know mom's going to scream up to the sky when she finds out you're not just dating a girl but that you're planning on marrying one?" 

    I looked away. Last time I went back home and told my parnets the news of my most recent significant other my mother told me right then and there I was dead to her, and acted as if I didn't exist for the rest of my stay; on the other hand, even though dad seemed to be obviously disappointed he ended up accepting my sexuality. 

    "I'm not marrying Hope to hurt my parents, and you know that, I'm marrying her because I love her, and she makes me happy, if me being happy doesn't make mom happy then I'm sorry. We're in this life to make ourselves happy, and we'll be lucky enough if we make someone happy along the way,"

    "Hmm, that's true," he said thoughtfully.


    "Well good luck,"


    The door opened and Hope came in. 

    "Hey, hon," she said. She walked over to the kitchen table where I was sitting and kissed me. 

    "Hello, my love, how are you?" I asked as she sat down next to me. 

    "I'm ok, hon, how are you?" she looked over at my screen. "Hola, Cristobal," she waved at my brother when she saw him on screen. 

    "Hola, Hope. What's up?"

    "Nothing much, coming back from school,"

    "Cool," Cristobal said. "Well I'll talk to you later, Made," he said in Spanish to me. "Bye, Hope," he waved to my girlfriend and the connection was lost. 

    I sighed, and turned to Hope.

    "Hi," I smiled and leaned in closer to her.

    "Hello," she said, resting her forehead against mine. 

    "I love you," I whispered as I leaned in to kiss her. "So!" I said after a few second of passionate kissing. "Did you pack your stuff?" I asked her. 

    "Hmm, nope,"

    "Hope!" I exclaimed irritated. "We're leaving early tomorrow!" I sighed and took a couple of deep breaths. "Just make sure to pack a nice dress," I closed my laptop, grabbed it, and walked to our room. "I'm going to sleep," I said and tried not to slam the door behind me.

    I already had my pjs on so I just went straight to bed. A few seconds after Hope came in. 

    "Aren't you going to eat, love?" I asked as I sat up with my elbows.

    "Nah, hon. I'm ok, thanks. I'm still full from the lunch I had at school," she was going through her drawers, taking what seemed like random clothes and stuffing them in her backpack.

    "Are you sure?" I said standing up almost all the way, kneeling on the edge of the bed. She turned around and came to me. She put her arms around my shoulders and looked at me in the eye. 

    "I'm sure, hon,"

    I looked back into her eyes, they were so beautiful, /she/ was so beautiful. I cup her cheek and ran my thumb over it. /So/ beautiful.

    "I love you, my dear," I whispered.

    "Love ya too, hon," 

    My heart leaped inside my chest. We kissed, and I wonder how it could be possible that after all the time we've been together I still felt those chills running down my back and at the pit of my stomach. I started kissing her neck and running my hands down her back when I felt she was grabbing my shoulders and gently pushing me away.

    "Hon, I gotta pack," I hunched my back and gave her a sad look. She chuckled softly and passed her hand through my hair. "We'll have all day to do it tomorrow,"

    I sighed. "Ok," I said as I looked down and dropped my hands from her neck. She kissed my forehead and went back to packing. I got off the bed, walked up to her, pulled her against me, and kissed her again. 


    "Ok, ok, ok," I said as I started to pull away. "I'm leaving," I walked to our bed and went under the sheets. "Good night," I said with a mischievous smile.

    "Good night, hon,"

    "I love you,"

    "Love you too," 


    We arrived to the hotel, and it was so much more pretty than I had anticipated. The only problem was I couldn't get the words I had gone there to say out loud. So many perfect chances and I just went mute in front of her. 

    "This is driving me crazy, Xali!" I said in frustration. I was walking around the hotel's pool. "It's been four days and I haven't done it!"

    "Cali, honey, calm down," he said from the other end of the phone. "You can do this, you're just nervous because it's the first time you're proposing to anyone," 

    "I know. I just thought it'd be easier than this," 

    "Did you think all the way through when and how you were going to propose before coming on the trip?"

    "I-I..." I stuttered. The embarrassment rose up in my face. "No... I just thought it'd be better to let things happen," 

    Xali sighed and even though we were a good few hundreds of miles away I could actually see how he brought his hand to his face in frustration. 

    "Honey," he said in calmed frustration. "These things don't just happened. They get planned to the best possible case scenerio that will ensure a yes from the other person. Think about what would mellow Hope's heart, what would make her feel comfortable, secured, and loved. Something so beautiful and grand that when you ask her to marry you she'll say yes before you even finish the question," 

    I was silenced for a moment. Trying to take everything in and make a good plan. 

    "'Sides, why are you calling me? Aren't you supposed to be with your woman?"

    "She's taking a shower,"

    "Well... You're supposed to be in it with her silly bear,"

    "I know. I'm just so nervous! I mean what if she says no!?" I spoke a bit louder than I should've. "What if she freaks out and breaks up with me!? What if she leaves me and I never see her again!?" the mere thought brought a few tears to my eyes. "I don't want her to leave..." I whispered.

    "Cali," Xali said in a very serious voice. "The worse that could happen is that she says no, and that'll likely happen because she's not ready to make that commitment. Trust me, darling, I've seen the way she looks at you, I've heard the way she talks about you, that girl loves you as much as you love her. The probabilities of her saying yes are higher than you'd think. So hang up the phone and get up there in that shower,"

    "Thanks, Xali," I said walking towards our room now.

    "You're welcome, dear. And good luck," he said before I hanged up. 

    I felt calmed and more confident. I didn't exactly know what I was going to do, but I had an idea.


    "Did you find it?" I asked anxiously. 

    "Mm-mm, nope. Sorry hon," Hope said in a slightly sad voice as she sat next to me in bed. "Didn't think I'd need that specific shirt," 

    "It's ok," I sighed and rated my head on her shoulder. "You know what?" I turned and looked at her. "It doesn't matter what you're wearing. We'll just improvise," I got up and offered her my hand. "So get your pretty bunny butt up, we got a photoshoot to do," I smirked, and she took my hand. She smiled back and put on that cute green summer dress that highlighted her silky white fur and her blazing red hair. 

    We drove about half of the way back home to a very nice park I saw on the way to the hotel. It had a nice sloppy hill surrounded my trees, and a wide open space facing a nice clean pier. 

    The timing couldn't have be better! The sun was shinning, the wind from the sea blowing, the grass and the trees were summer green, and there were oddly no people around, one or two joggers strolling on the sidewalk but no one that could intervene with the photoshoot. 

    "Are you ready, my love?" I asked.

    "Whenever you're ready hon," she said. 

    I took advanced of the sunshine and started with shooting Hope by the bay. After a good few hundred shots, I asked her to move to the park side.

    "Would you mind taking off your hat?" 

    "Sure," she said, and just when her hat was off I felt a drop of water fall on my arm. I looked up and saw dark gray cloud crawling on my shiny sky. 

    "Mierda!" I said. Several drops of rain fell on my face. I put my camera under my short and ran to the car to protect it. A few seconds later Hope joined me in it was pouring very hard by the time she reached the car. Her hair was dripping small spheres of crystal water. 

    "You ok, love?" I asked her. 

    "Just a little wet, him," she looked and smiled at me. Even in such somber times she still glowed. Unconsciously I rose my camera and snaped a pictured. "It's really not that bad," she said as I showed her that last shot. 

    "Hey!" I turned my head towards her fast enough to snap my neck. "Would you mind getting a bit more wet?" I smirked. She chuckled.

    "Sure sure, I don't mind," she smirked back. 

    I reached to the backseat where my bag of accesories was and took my waterproof camera protector as well as my tripod, I knew exactly what shots I wanted to take. I turned to Hope and run my hand through her damp hair. 

    "You're so beautiful, Duchess," I whispered as I leaned down to kiss her. 

    "You're beautiful too, hon," she said before our lips touched. 

    Hope got out of the car, but before I dido took a few seconds to grab a couple of fake flowers I kept on my dash board for decoration. 

    I set up my camera gear and kept on with the photoshoot. The hard rain stopped, and only a few thin cords of water fell. Hope was squatting down, pretending to pic up a flower, her wet hair fell over her head, her dress was stuck against her fur making it seemed as if she was wearing nothing at all. I looked at her in loving worship. 

    "Hon? You ok?" Hope asked concerned as she got up and looked at me. 

    "I'm fine, love," I half said half sighed. "Would you mind doing that pose again?" I said as I put the camera's timer on. 

    "Sure, hon," she said as she got down on that pose again. 

    I quickly walked where she was and squatted next to her. 

    "Hope," I said and took her hand in mine. "Unfortunately I can't say I've loved you since the first time I lied eyes on you, but ever since I found out I did I've loved you more and more each day. You've waken in me feelings that were sleeping waiting for the right person to awake them. There's not a day in which I don't think about you, your eyes, your smile, your hair, your kisses. You inspire me to do great things, you make me happy and fill my life with a love it cannot be measured. I feel that I was created to be with you, that we were born to be together. I love you so immensely that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I wish I could come up with a more creative and romantic way of saying this but since I can't..." I reached into my breast pocket and took out the ring I had waited so long to give to her. "Would you marry me Hope MacKenna?"


An indeclinable proposal
Yet another late present for you know who :stare:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)

    The small two story cabin was dead silent, and not just because it was situated next to a grave yard. There were only two sounds inside it, Akrin's heavy breathing and the tck-tck-tck sounds of the knitting needles hitting each other. He was nervous, the sweating-and-shaking kind of nervous; it was his first date with Xali and the first time he would see him since Xali had started traveling with his sisters. His rocking chair was creaking because of how fast he was rocking himself.

    "Calm doooown! If something goes wrong or if he doesn't want to stay you can always use plan B..." he started talking to himself to calm himself down. "Plan B… CRAP! I don't have a plan B... I-I am so screwed!" he said with a freaked out tone. He dropped his knitting and started hugging himself and rocking faster. "What am I going to do!? I am such a fool! What kind of idiot doesn't have a plan B? The stupid kind, that's who. Oh man, it will never work out, why won't it work out!?" he sighed exasperated and put his head on his knees. "I worked so hard on this..." he sobbed. His ears twitched when he heard the faint and far away sound of a car's engine.

    *Knock, knock* Akrin looked at the door with agitation, and violently looked at the clock on the wall. 'How could he be here so early!? He isn't supposed to be for another two minutes!!!' Akrin thought, panicked.

    *Knock knock* The knocking on the door was a bit louder than before. Akrin took a deep breath. 'Okay... Just relax!'

    "Coming," he said, got up, walked over to the door and opened it. Leaning against the door frame with a lordly manner was Xali. He was wearing a brown plaid shirt with dark jeans and a black leather jacket. He couldn't look more gorgeous if he tried.

    "Good evening," he said calmly. Astonished by the sight of his beautiful beau, Akrin just stood there.

    "Aam... H-hi," Akrin waved. Xali looked at Akrin and smiled gently.

    "How are you?"

    "I-I'm fine..." Akrin said while blushing. "H-how... How are you?" he looked up to Xali's face.

    "I'm great," Xali said eagerly. "You, uh, ready to go?" He pointed over his shoulder at the red '61 Imperial Crown convertible, engine heat still rising, distorting the scenery behind it.

    "G-go? Go where?" said Akrin, a hint of fear in his voice.

    "It's a surprise," Xali winked. "Come on," he extended his hand to Akrin. "I promise you’re going love it!"

    With apprehension and a bit of excitement, Akrin took Xali's hand.

    Once in his car, Xali turn the radio on to classic music and drove to their destination. It was an open space a couple of miles into the forest from where Azrael and Akrin lived.

    "W-where are we?" Akrin said puzzled and took a quick glance at the open space. He looked a bit scared when he saw the big white sheet hanging from a couple of trees.

    "Well... " Xali started saying as he leaned on his seat and put his arm around Akrin's shoulders. "I wanted to have a normal The Other Place date,"

    "This is a date?" Akrin arched an eyebrow and looked at the place once again. Xali chuckled.

    "Theoretically, yes. But we need to get out of the car first," he winked and got out of the car. He walked over to the middle of the place, and Akrin followed him.

    "So..." said Akrin sitting on the blanket next to Xali. "What now?"

    "Now we dine," he reached for the picnic basket that was in front of them, and took out a few containers of food. The smell of warm food wafted up into Akrin's nose and comforted him.

    "It smells great!" he smiled.

    "Thanks. But before you say anything else, you have to know I cooked this myself, so it might not taste as good as it smells," said Xali with an apologetic smile. Akrin chuckled.

    "It's ok, I'll tough it out," he took a fork and tried some of the food. "Hmm, it doesn't taste that bad. In fact, it tastes pretty good," he took another bite and smiled at Xali.

    "That might be because my sister helped me," he chuckled nervously with a hand on the back of his head. Akrin could almost visualize an anime-style bead of sweat on his forehead. "I'm not a very good cook."

    "You're alright," Akrin put his spoon down and leaned his head on Xali's shoulder. Xali smiled, put his arm around his shoulder, and kissed the top of his head.

    After a while of cuddling Xali said, "Ready for the main event?"

    "Hmm? There’s more?" Akrin straighten up and looked at Xali.

    "Oh definitely, Snowflake," he smirked and snapped his fingers, and the big white screen came to live.

    Akrin was startled; he lowered his ears, and grabbed onto Xali, shaking. Xali put his arm around him and said, "It's ok if you don't want to watch this, I-I understand."

    "N-no, it's not that," said Akrin looking up at Xali. "I-it just scared me a bit, that's all," he smiled. Xali laughed.

    "Do not fret my darling; I will protect you!" Xali exclaimed valiantly. He kissed Akrin on the forehead and hugged him tightly. They watched the movie while they had dinner, and once they were done they went back to Akrin's place.

    "I had a lovely evening, Akrin," said Xali with a satisfied sigh.

    "Me too," Akrin looked up at his beau and smiled. Xali got out of the car, opened the door for Akrin, and escorted him to the front entrance of his house.

    "Good night, Snowflake," Xali took Akrin's hand and kissed it. He turned his back to Akrin and started to leave.

    "W-w-wait!" Akrin reached his hand towards Xali and grabbed his shoulder. "W-would... Would you like to come in for a sex... I-I mean a sec!" Akrin blushed madly the instant those words came from his mouth.

    "Oh, I would love to come in for all the sex," Xali smirk and lightly stroke Akrin's lower lip with his index finger.

    "I-I-I meant to say second..." Akrin's face was so hot he could feel all the moisture evaporating from his skin and muscle. He wondered if Xali could see all the steam coming out of his body.

    "Oh I know... but I think we would both prefer the first," he smirked and winked. "Well... may I come in?" Xali said after a moment had passed. Akrin nodded and stepped out of the way letting Xali in. "Careful sweet cheeks, you're drooling," he extended his arm and closed Akrin's mouth. "Save it for later," Xali winked at him and smirked. Akrin’s heart roared louder than the engine of Xali's convertible, the same one he knew Xali had spent weekends with Azrael, fixing it up in the front yard. The same one he had fallen in love with just as he had with Xali when he first saw him; yet another aspect of Xali that made him melt. It still brings back memories of the good old days, before Xali had left.

    He took a deep breath before closing the door. He turned around and looked at Xali.

    "W-would you like s-something to drink?" Akrin stuttered shyly.

    "I'd love a glass of wine if you don't mind,"

    "O-ok," Akrin gulped and walked to the kitchen with his face directed to the floor. He stopped suddenly and turned around, still looking at the floor. "You can have a seat if you want," he said and stiffly walked in to the kitchen. Xali took a seat on the couch and idly looked around the room. A while later Akrin came back with a tray; two wine glasses,a wine bottle, some cheese, bread, and a couple of cloth napkins were placed precariously upon it. Xali got up like a shot and carefully took the tray from Akrin's hands. His hands brushed Xali's and he started shaking and blushing again, just when he had finally relaxed.

    "Here, let me help you with that," he smiled gently. He set the tray on the table. He poured the glasses and handed one to Akrin. He took it, sat down next to Xali, and took a long and shallow sip. Silence reigned the room for a long while.

    "Are you feeling okay?" Xali asked concerned.

    "W-why do you ask?" asked Akrin with quivering anxiety.

    "You seem a bit… restless," Xali said. 'More like absolutely restless!' he thought to himself.

    "I-I'm..." Akrin gulped. "I'm fine..."

    Xali looked at Akrin and arched an eyebrow.

    "Akrin..." Xali whispered in concern. He came closer to Akrin and put a hand on his knee. "You're shaking,"

    Akrin's eyes widen with the sight of Xali's hand, and his breath froze with the mere pressure of Xali's hand on top of his jeans. He felt his warmth, and even if their skins didn't directly touch each other, he felt his dermis tingle.

    "I-I think I'm having a penis attack..." his eyes opened wide when he realized what he had just said. "Panic attack!" Akrin almost screamed. "Oh god!" he covered his face with his hands. Xali laughed. Slowly he started guiding his hand up Akrin's leg, and stopped right before reaching his groin.

    "We're nearly there,"

    Akrin looked up and found himself gazing into Xali's purple eyes. The clock ticked slower than usual, and Akrin felt how his tubulent heart calmed itself down as Xali's lips moved closer to his. Panic took him over, and just as if it were a reflex he took a dish from the tray and put it right under Xali's nose.

    "Cheese?" he smiled nervously.

    "Of course," Xali said flirtatiously. He took a piece of cheese and smirked. He playfully bit into the cheese as he looked at Akrin like a predator toying with its prey. He fake moaned in delight as he tasted the sweet tanginess of the cheese.

    Akrin started to feel dizzy. He was forgetting how to breathe now!

    "This cheese is simply scrumptious!" he took another piece and moaned each time he munched on it, this time a bit louder than before and with more delight. This caused Akrin to start hyperventilating. "Would you mind… pouring me another glass, Akrin?"

    Akrin's heart skipped a beat when he heard the delicious way in which Xali's tongue brushed his name. He took the bottle and poured the wine into Xali's glass. Xali brought the glass to his lips and deliberately spilled the wine on his shirt and pants.

    "Whoooops!" Xali said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

    "Oh my!" Akrin said in surprise. "I-I'll get you a towel," he was about to get up when Xali took his hand and brought him back to the couch.

    "No need to bother…" he got up and start unbuttoning his shirt. "This shirt is ruined. Don't trouble yourself trying to fix it," he took his shirt off and set it on the couch leaving his chiseled abs exposed and vulnerable. He looked down at his wine-stained groin, and sighed a little too heavily. "And I guess these pants will have to share the same fate," he took them off and Akrin looked at him with wide disbelieve as his jaw dropped. He put his pants next to his shirt. "It's a shame," looking towards where his outfit was placed. "I liked those pants," Xali deceptively glanced at Akrin out the corner of his eye.

    "I-I-I... I need to…" Akrin stuttered. He got up and froze as soon as his back was straight. Xali turned towards him, grabbed his wrist and pulled him to his chest. He wrapped his arms around Akrin and held him tight, making sure he wouldn't get away… or melt.

    "You don't need to do anything, Mr…" he ran his hand up Akrin's back until he reached the back of his head. "You've been avoiding this all night Snowflake, and this time I'm not letting you escape," whispered Xali into Akrin's lips. Cutting that insufferable inch, Akrin leaned forward and kissed Xali, and next thing they knew, they were in Akrin's room making sweet and tender love; Akrin's favorite.

    Azrael's truck made a loud noise as he parked it next to Xali's convertible. ‘Why is Xali's car here?’ he thought as he was getting out of his truck. He opened the front door and stepped into his house. The first thing he saw was the wine bottle and glasses on the small coffee table then he looked at the clothes on the couch. He dropped his "lunch bag" on the floor and grabbed the guitar he kept on the umbrella stand next to the door. He held tight to it and run up the stairs to Akrin's room. The door punched the wall as Azrael opened it with fury. Xali was with his back to the door and hugging Akrin, both of them asleep.

     “You bastard!” blasted Azrael.

    Half asleep, Xali turned in confusion towards the door, and before he knew it he felt the shocking blow of Azrael’s guitar on his chest. Xali rolled off the bed in pain.

     “You bastard!” Azrael shouted once again as he tried to hit Xali with his guitar. Xali reacted quickly and rolled out of the way. He got up and tried to take the guitar from Azrael’s hands.

     “What is the matter with you, Azreal!?” said Xali with violent surprise.

     “You fucked my little brother!” spat Azrael as he punched Xali in the face. He backed up a few steps. “You bastard!” he pounced towards Xali and punched him in the face.

     “Azrael!” shouted Akrin. “Stop! You’re hurting him!” he tried to seize Azrael, but with a gentle but firm push he pushed Akrin towards the bed.

     “I’m going to kill you!” Azrael threaten. “You’re dead, fucker!”

     “Azrael, stop it! It’s not his fault!” Akrin ran across the room and stood between his brother and Xali. “I did it too!”

    Azrael grabbed Akrin by the shoulders and pushed him aside. “Stay out of this, Akrin!”

     “Hey! Leave him alone!” Xali punched Azrael and held Akrin. Akrin looked at Xali, the smell of blood raising through his nose. He gasped.

     “Xali! You’re hurt!” he cupped Xali’s chin and tried to brush the blood away from his nose.

     “Azrael, I know what Akrin and I did was not entirely the right thing to do. But please believe me, I love Akrin and will take entire responsibility for my actions,” Xali assured him.

    Akrin blushed and looked at Xali. “D-do you mean it!?” he said in his small and soft voice.

     “Of course I do Snowflake!” Xali’s face became gentle as he looked at his beloved.

     “I love you too, Xali,”

    Azrael stood there, watching how his little brother and his friend looked at each other with lovey dovey eyes. He felt nauseated beyond words.

     “You!” he pointed at Xali. “Get outta my house, and you!” he turned his finger to Akrin. “Make me breakfast, I’m starving!”

    Akrin nodded and looked down. Xali look at Akrin and then at Azrael.

     “Wait! We can’t just leave things like this. We need to talk about this!”

     “There’s nothing to talk about,” Azrael said with anger and annoyance. “I don’t want you to get near my brother again. And unless you want me to beat the shit out of you right this moment you better get the fuck outta my house,” his toned was even, yet coated with vivid colors of thread.

     “Fine! I will leave this time,” said Xali still refusing to give up. “But just keep in mind that you cannot stop me from seeing Akrin. And I swear to you Azrael Helloz that next time we meet I will be engaged to Akrin,”

     “Get out!” yelled Azrael and pushed Xali out of the room.

     “I’ll be back, Akrin,” Xali exited the room. Azrael walked over to Akrin’s bed and picked up his guitar. Xali peeped his head through the door. “Soon,” he said in a loud whisper as Azrael threw this guitar at him, and Akrin giggled.

Wine on snow
WARNING!!!!! contains sexual themes with a gay couple and strong language.
This is a present I did for :iconbubonicplague-duke: a while ago when she graduated from high shool. I honestly don't know why I never uploaded it :?
It's a short story of our characters Akrin (hers) and Xali (mine)
And yeah she loved it! :meow:
Trouble Skating by Tsubasa-Yume0793
Trouble Skating
Super long overdue Christmas gift from last year ^^;
Yeah... I was supposed to give it to :iconwhyme777x: as a gift last Christmas but as usual my laziness took over and well.... it was almost a year late :tears: I'm sorry!!!! Waaaah! 
I had a lot of fun doing this but it was also a super pain in my ass -.-" stupid ponies don't look exactly alike despite my attempts so I've decided to give on them gals ever looking anything alike :shifty: I'm a terrible artist Ashamed 
But oh well, these as you may see are my OC Cali and my boyfriend's OC Hope having a not too very nice skating date, Cali doesn't know how to skate so of course she falls on her face XD (she's a super kluts) So as a good girlfriend Hope helps her up and comforts her beloved with 2 sweet kissies  Neko Emoji-42 (Kawaii Moe Smile) [V3]  so beautiful! Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3] 
Sound effects were added by my beloved WhyMe777x thank you my love for helping me make your own present even more awesome! :tighthug:

:giggle: can you tell how much I freaking love this guy? Hug  I probably shouldn't though... :stare:
Just your problem by Tsubasa-Yume0793
Just your problem

Aaaam.... I dunno if this is supposed to be a gift or not.... who the hell knows :shrug:
I think I the sketch for this pic in the middle of summer :?
I honestly dont remember if this was supposed to be a gift for :iconwhyme777x: or just something I wanted to do :iconkiritohmmplz: but oh well here it is all done and over with!  :iconpewdiestyleplz:
Here we have my lovely character Cali cosplaying as Marceline playing her keytar (she knows how to play the piano so she got a keytar and dresses it as Marceline's bass how hilarious does that look? :iconkokorotableslapplz:) and serenading Hope who’s cosplaying as Fiona,  how romantic is that? :iconhesmileplz:
… Though the song is not really that romantic iconohoho-plz:
I dunno how many of you know but it’s supposed to be I’m Just Your Problem (listen here…) I used that ref mostly cuz I didn’t find a song that I liked that could be meaningful to both our characters and AT so I went with that song cuz I like it and I feel it kinda tells PB that Marceline is massively crushing on her but isn’t up to the standers the princess is setting but don’t believe me I don’t watch adventure time but I like the character design and the pairing of Bubbline so… yeah

I really love how the boots turned out! :iconmegustabishieplz: I’m just a big sucker for boots :XD:

Anyways here you go hope you like it yada yada yada yada

Here background…

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you, and you, and.... hey! don't run away you little bitch! yeah you! Fuck you too!


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Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you, and you, and.... hey! don't run away you little bitch! yeah you! Fuck you too!

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